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I’m Back!



Not that you really missed me, I’m sure. haha!

It’s amazing how fast time goes when you’re super busy.  Let me fill you in on what I’ve been doing since the last time I posted…

My husband and I saw a few movies.  When you’re kids aren’t with you, movies are a great thing to do!  And we took advantage.  :)

And I saw a couple movies with a friend of mine.

I never see that many movies.  haha!  But Mike and I pretty much had 2.5 months of date nights, so going to a movie 3 times didn’t seem like wasted time together, if you know what I mean.  Normally we don’t go to the movies… I just would rather have dinner and just talk with him and connect.  But since we were alone so much, the movies were fun to add to our date nights.

I didn’t just go to the movies though.

I also got a pedicure…

Enjoyed In-N-Out a couple of times because I knew I wouldn’t be eating it for a long long time…

And now I’m drooling just looking at the picture.  LOL

I was having pains several weeks ago, so I went to the doctor and was told I have this…

 I have to run to the mall pretty soon and get a maternity belt.  My mom always says I’m “so west coast” because I always comment how far away everything is in North Carolina.  The nearest mall is 30 minutes away.  To me… that is far.

We had a HUGE garage sale the weekend before we moved.  Sold/Donated and trashed a lot of stuff!!

I went to my favorite Arizona Farm called Superstition Farm in Mesa one last time.  Zoe requested I go to their farmer’s market.

because she LOVES the Strawberry Rhubarb “butter” by Made By Bees.  I bought all they had.  :)

I was able to enjoy one last Arizona thunder storm.  And, I captured my first ever lightning bolts on camera.  On my iPhone of all things.  I was so excited.  I only had to take over 230 consecutive shots to get 1 good bolt of lightning.  haha!  Worth it!

While listening to the lightning, I ate…

There’s something about mint chocolate.  And I’m normally not that in to mint chocolate chip, but this pregnancy has got me wanting it whenever I decide I want frozen yogurt, ice cream or skinny cows.  I mostly buy skinny cows, because I’ve already gained too much weight this pregnancy so ice cream is strictly limited.  I haven’t had real ice cream in over a month.  Pregnancy has always been a weight gain curse for me.  No matter how healthy I eat I always gain too much weight.  Now that I live in a cooler place I’m going to start walking every day.  My girls are tracked out of school right now but go back next week.  :)

I got my hair done 2 days before we moved.  My Arizona hairdresser is amazing.  She delayed her vacation so she could do my hair for me.  I miss her terribly.  She lived 2 doors down from me.  Great picture of me, huh?  I look HAWT!  ;)

Here’s the after.  I LOVE it!!  If only I had a private jet so I could go get it done every 3 months.  haha!

I had lunch with a few friends the day before we moved.  I loved that they all made time to hang out with me before I moved.  Miss you girls!!

We ate at Joe’s Farm Grill.  I will seriously miss this restaurant.  Great fresh locally grown (right on their property) food (fruits veggies).  So delicious!  I had their amazing veggie burger and garlic fries.  Do you ever make yourself drool when you post pictures of good food?  Because that’s happening to me right now.  haha!

The day we headed out my husband worked a half day because he and his partner decided to play a joke on the entire Gangplank office by having a company come and set up a petting zoo.  INSIDE the office.  It was amazing.  And a huge hit.  haha!

I stuck around and play with the animals for a bit.  I seriously love pigs.  I want one as a pet.  Along with some chickens and horses.  Ok, I really want a farm.  :)

I headed home, packed up my car + Vlad and said a final farewell to our house in Arizona.

And poor Vlad was PACKED in there!  LOL!  He had plenty of space to lay down and turn around but he couldn’t stand up due to his massive size.

Then Vlad and I were off. My husband drove the moving truck.

And with that, I’ll end this post.  But I’ll continue later with pictures from my drive across the country from Arizona to North Carolina.  :)

How are all of you??



  1. I hope you’re enjoying being home! That lightning sot was amazing!

  2. WAY excited for you. We ALL just hope for a healthy baby, but what a great perk to have a boy…beings ya got two beauty of little girls:)

    I read this post earlier and was to respond later, THEN got your post above (didn’t see that I could comment) so I’ll respond to “all” right here…lol

    I had two boys and one girl…so third times a charm…congradulations.

    I am glad you got moved safely.

    The cute stuff…GYMBOREE…(not sure if spelled correctly) but they have the cutest darn boy clothes EVER!!! Cute girl stuff everywhere, not so much boys:) But gymboree always had really awesome things. My kiddo’s are grown up but I also seen some really cute things at Costco…yea of all places…Costco:)

    Happy Weekend…and Happy You:)

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