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Keeping It Real: Pregnancy.


Let me be real with you all.

I don’t particularly care for being pregnant.  Much to my relief, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.  I just don’t feel a “glow”.  I don’t enjoy the aches, the pains, or being uncomfortable.  I don’t enjoy the raging horrific heartburn I get that feels like my entire chest is being set on fire.  I could get into great detail about the many other things I don’t like about being pregnant, but I won’t go there.  Of all of these things, I think the biggest thing I don’t like about pregnancy is my particular body during the whole thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love this little boy growing inside me just as I loved my girls when I was pregnant with them.  But I’m incredibly self conscious when I’m not pregnant, and when I am pregnant, multiply that by 1,000.  I’m truly uncomfortable in my own skin.  I hate looking in the mirror, I HATE being weighed, I hate how fat I feel and look when I’m pregnant.

Lately tons of people I know in real life and online are pregnant or just recently had babies.  Most of them it’s their first or second time around and they’ve all (almost) talked about how much they love being pregnant.  They love their growing belly and dressing cute, etc etc.  That is so most definitely NOT me.  haha!

I always gain a lot of weight during my pregnancies.  I’ve already gained too much with this pregnancy!  I lost so much weight last year and now I’m gaining it back.  It’s something I’ve always struggled with (my weight) and lately I’m either obsessing over how much weight I’ve gained or what I’m eating/not eating/shouldn’t be eating.  And this scares me because the last thing I ever want to be is obsessed with this kind of thing.  I do believe that pregnancy should be a joy (at least to an extent) you are carrying a BABY after all!

This Wednesday my kids go back to school.  They’ve been tracked out for the past 3 weeks.  When they start school Vlad and I’ll be headed off to the park to walk a couple miles.  EVERY day.  That’s the one thing lacking in this pregnancy that I got plenty of during my pregnancy with Zoe.  Exercise.  So I’m going to walk and this weekend I may go buy some small 3-5 pound hand weights as well.  I live in a teeny neighborhood so I have to actually drive to walk, but I’m ok with that.  The weather here is awesome and walking is something I like doing.  In Arizona I never wanted to go outside because it’s just too hot in the late Spring and Summer, and while being pregnant?  Forget it!

So, that’s my plan.  I’m eating healthy and have an occasional “bad snack” or dessert, but I seriously gain 2-3 pounds just from eating dessert one time.  NO joke.  I’ve always joked that pregnancy is a weight gain curse for me, but it’s true.  I’m eating healthier now than I have my entire life and I’m still gaining loads of weight.  Good thing being pregnant is only temporary and I’ll be able to really diet/watch what I eat once our little son is here.

I can say that one thing I do love about being pregnant is feeling the baby move.  It’s my most favorite thing in the world.  A reminder that a tiny human is in my belly and I’ll get to meet him in 4.5 months.  :)   And once I’m holding my son it’ll all be worth it, I know it.

So for all of you out there that don’t enjoy being pregnant, you’re not alone.  And I don’t think it’s something to feel guilty about.  I certainly don’t.  Some women feel like they were born to be pregnant or they love the glow they get or they love their growing belly or they love “dressing the bump”. I am NOT one of those woman.  We’re all different, right?  ;)

So, pipe up!  Is pregnancy the best thing in the world for you or are you like me?









  1. I felt like a whale with all 3 of my pregnancies.. Loved my baby hated being pregnant!

  2. I hated my first trimester. LOVED my 2nd and part of my 3rd. LOATHED my last month & especially the 8 days I was overdue.

    I was 19 & 20 when I was pregnant. I was 109 pounds when I got pregnant and 160 full term. I lost the weight pretty easily and then settled at around 120 post. Now I weigh more than when I was full term! I think motherhood rather than pregnancy brings bigger weight struggles for me. What I wouldn’t give for my post baby body! Aging, hormones, and a busy lifestyle have done far more damage.

  3. I can honestly say that I literally hated every single one of my pregnancies. If it wasn’t morning/noon/night sickness, it was debilitating heart burn, being moody, hemorrhoids, etc, etc, etc. I looked like I had wandered out of Auschwitz continually and usually had to have not one but two or three ultrasounds. Such fun, only not so much.

    But, I too, enjoyed feeling that little guy or girl rolling around in my belly and knowing that I would get to meet that person in a short period of time outweighed any and all grief that I had to go through.

    You’ll be there before you know it!!!

  4. Do you breast feed your babies??? That helps BIG TIME with weight loss! I lost 30 lbs by my post partum check up with almost all of my babies (4). Plus, I’m don’t know if you’re a stress eater (I am!), but you just went through a lot of stress, with a HUGE move and I know that would have made me put some weight on! ! Congrats on this little boy!

    • Hey Julie!

      Yep! I breastfed my youngest. Didn’t lose hardly anything. I tried to breastfeed my oldest but I dried up.
      I’m not a stress eater actually. Most of the weight I put on was prior to my move. I’ve only put on a couple of pounds in about 4-5 weeks. I was actively packing and unpacking during that time so that’s likely why such little gain. That’s why I’ll be walking starting Wednesday at least 5 days a week. :) I exercised quite a bit in my 2nd pregnancy but still gained 40 pounds and I had her 10 weeks premature! I’ll lose the weight, I’m confident about that I just wish I didn’t gain so much in the first place. ;)

  5. Sorry to say, I actually did enjoy being pregnant. I definitely loved feeling the baby move! But I didn’t even mind the rest of it. The only part I didn’t like was the last couple of weeks when I was overdue with the first one and the last week of the second one fretting over the scheduled c-section to come. I had never weighed over 110 pounds in my life when I got pregnant the first time. I put on over 50 pounds and lost all but 10. Then with my 2nd one I gained 35 and lost all but another 10 pounds. Now I just can’t seem to shake the 130 mark. I don’t mind though because its healthier looking than I ever was before kids. I would just like to lose the muffin top. :) At least its only something that we go through a few times in our lives. You’ll be back to your healthy lifestyle before you know. I looked at it as the two times in my life that it was ok to let my weight go and no one would judge me.

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