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Moving Across Country In Less Than 3 Days…


Truth be told I had 95% of my house unpacked within a few days of us moving in.  But I’ve just been enjoying life.  My kids were tracked out of school until last Wednesday, and since then I’ve just been going on walks, taking care of little things around the house and resting.  A lot of resting.  I mentioned today on Instagram and Twitter that I’ve been feeling really tired even through my 2nd trimester.  Not just tired, exhausted.  A few of you mentioned that you felt the same when you carried boys too.  So I’m wondering if that could be it.  (I’m 21 weeks today)

Anyway.  I never really shared anything about my trip out here to North Carolina from Arizona.  So I’ll do that now.  We made the entire trip in less than 3 days!  That’s A LOT of driving!  But we just wanted to get home and see our kids and get all settled.  No sight seeing for us!

I left on August 24th around 12:30pm.  My husband was driving the moving truck and left 2 hours after I did.  So Vlad and I headed out on our adventure across country together.   I basically just planned on driving until my body couldn’t take anymore or I just got too tired.  Sitting in a car for tons of hours can wreck havoc on a pregnant girl, let me tell ya!  My butt and legs were so sore!  haha!

The first day, was spent driving through Flagstaff and most of New Mexico.  We stopped for the night in Tucumcari, NM.  This is where my husband caught up with us.  I can’t tell you how great it was to get out of that car for more than 20 or 3o minutes.  But Vlad has never stayed in a hotel before, so the first couple of hours proved to be annoying as be paced back and forth about 14o0 times.  My husband finally let him sleep with us.  He is a giant dog and we had a queen sized bed in our hotel room, so you can probably imagine how that was… just like sleeping with 3 adults.  haha!  But he ended up falling asleep for a while… that is until he started hearing other people getting up and leaving their rooms.  That’s when the barking started.  Tired man and tired pregnant lady become very cranky when this happens.  ;)

(this was about half way to Flagstaff.  I was driving into an incredible storm)

In Flagstaff

These pictures are unedited!

 Pee break.  :)

I just noticed that random dude walking on the side of the freeway. haha!  Weird!

The next day we drove all the way from Tucumcari, NM to a small town about 5 minutes from the Tennessee border.  I was so tired by the time we stopped I just knew there was no way I could go any further without putting myself and my dog in danger by falling asleep at the wheel.  So we stopped at the loudest hotel ever.  I remember asking Mike a few times if he was sure that the window wasn’t open.  haha!  Vlad paced for a while in this hotel too but he wasn’t allowed in this bed, because I swear it was a full.  NO WAY was that going to fly with me.  I threw the nasty cover comforter on the floor and Vlad decided to use that as his bed.  I remember in the middle of the night waking up (because I felt like someone was staring at me) only to find Vlad sitting by my side of the bed staring at me, our faces about 2 inches apart.  haha!  What an adventure it was staying in hotels with him.  Thank goodness that was the last night we stayed in a hotel!  Also, Arkansas roads are terrible.  Add in the fact that they were doing construction and some of the roads were so tight I thought Mike was going to hit the cement barriers a couple of times.  I white knuckled my way through it and may have held my breath for the entire 30 minutes… especially when I realized part of the construction was on a BRIDGE!  *faints*.

In Texas I began listening to a digital book.  It was a pretty good one!  And it was a FANTASTIC way to make the time go by!

We weren’t in Texas long.  I missed the “Welcome to Oklahoma” state line sign so I made my own. :)

Checotah, OK.

And since it was night time, I didn’t see the Arkansas state line sign in time.  BOO!  Twice in a row!

(no pictures in Arkansas because it was night the whole time)

The next day (day 3) we woke up and headed out.  Our next stop for sleep would be our house in NC.  Tennessee is the most boring state to drive through.  The entire way it’s highway and pine trees.  And it takes forever to get through the state due to it’s length.  Imagine my excitement when we crossed the North Carolina state line!  haha!  I was thrilled.  From there it was about 5 hours and we were at our house.  As soon as we got there, I let Vlad out and it’s just like he knew we were home.  Our house is on almost 2 acres, so he got out and ran circles around the backyard until he couldn’t run anymore.  This was at 1am, but I was so relieved to be out of my car I was no longer tired in that moment.  It was fun to see him so excited.


That’s my husband in the moving truck.  :)

You want to talk about scary rain?  It rained so hard in Nashville I was driving 30 miles an hour and still could barely see!

I hate traffic.  But traffic surrounded by semi trucks?  My driving nightmare!

We’re HOME!  :)

Now I can just tell that he’s so happy here.  He’s got so much space to run around and we’re outside so much more often… I believe this is his heaven.  :)  That night we went to sleep with much excitement on our hearts, because the next day we’d see our kids for the first time in forever, or so it seemed like that long.  For me it had been a month, for Mike it had been 2.5 months!


Reunited!  :)

I’ll show you all the outside and the inside of the house soon!

More later…


  1. That’s a LOT of miles in a short time! I like road trips when we have the time to stop and see things……but, totally different when your goal is your own bed and getting to see your kids!

    Loving Angelina’s haircut :)

    Sounds like you are “home”! Weird that you aren’t here anymore!

  2. What an adventure!!

  3. Wow what an adventure!!! I am glad that you are made it to NC safely. I know the kids are glad to have you back.

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