Shey B

Six Years


I can’t believe Zoe is 6 today!  Where did all the time go?  I swear each year just goes by faster and faster!  And now with baby #3 on the way … I can imagine time will go even faster!  Seems like with each child I have the time just decided to whip on by.  I still look back on when she was born, 10 weeks premature and then I see her now and shake my head.  You’d never know.


You’re an amazing little girl!  You’re smart, funny, social, spunky, loving and so much more!  We love you so much sweet girl!  We look forward to the years ahead (not that I’m wishing for time to go any faster than it already is!)… we look forward to watching you grow and seeing the woman you’ll become.  For now, though… take your time and enjoy being a kid!

Love you!!!










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