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So I taught myself how to crochet.  Turns out, I absolutely love doing it!  So after teaching myself some things… like how to make hats.  :)  I decided (after making sure my husband was on board) that I was going to temporarily open a shop to sell some hats, since I had some requests.  This shop is only open temporarily.  2 weeks tops.   I have a baby on the way after all.  :)  And with babies comes TONS of times devoted to them… plus I do still have 2 older children who need me and a husband and a dog.  Plus housework, etc.  But, for now, since my kids are in school (starting again next week) I have plenty of time to crochet.  I might also add in a few fun things like some scarves.  Normal and infinity, so watch out for that!  I have priced my hats so that I make a bit of profit but the price is still REALLY low.  Perfect for Christmas in 25 days!  I’ll be listing hats daily.  Prices ranging from $11-$20.  Sizes ranging from baby to adult.  All hats are ready to ship and will be mailed out to you within 2 business days!  Awesome!

So, click HERE to go to my new temporary shop, Cro-Shey.



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