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Here I am again.


So, it’s 4am and I’m blogging.  Pregnancy insomnia … good times.

Can you believe it’s been well over a month since I wrote anything truly meaningful on my blog?  Yeah, I kinda can too.  You see, blogging has been seriously put on the back burner.  I just really don’t have a lot to say that I want to write about.  And when I do have things to say, then I come to my blog… when I feel like sitting and typing and I write it all out.

I’ve been pretty busy lately.  Busy growing this little baby boy.  Can you believe I’m over 33 weeks already?

This is officially my 2nd longest pregnancy.  I’ve made it past the point I was when I had Zoe, which is awesome!  I did have a scare a couple weeks ago.  I had to go to the hospital due to contractions being 2 minutes apart.  Fortunately I wasn’t dilating!  After my contractions were stopped I was sent home.  3 more weeks baby boy.  Please at least stay in there for 3 more weeks!

We’re about to get going on Mason’s nursery.  In the process we moved Angelina into what was our game room.  To say she’s excited about her new and very large bedroom would be an understatement.  haha!   Our painter came today to give us a quote on painting Angelina’s new room and Mason’s nursery.  I’m looking forward to getting his room all finished.  I’ve decided that I won’t have a cradle in our bedroom like I did with my girls.  I’m going to have him sleep in his crib from day 1.  My husband got me a very nice over stuffed rocking chair and ottoman for Mason’s nursery and I plan on using that chair a ton.  :)  I’ve already sat in it a few times imaging and looking forward to Mason.  My girls can’t wait until their baby brother gets here.  Every day Zoe kisses my stomach and tells Mason he’s a “good boy” and she tells him how much she loves him.  Angelina loves to feel him kick and roll.  The further along I get in this pregnancy the more I think about how this is supposed to be my last pregnancy.  I’ve been thinking about getting my tubes tied.  But the more I think about it the more sad I get.  Which makes me wonder if maybe having one more after Mason wouldn’t be such a terrible idea.  hehehe.  I would have to convince my husband of this first… I just keep thinking it might be nice for him to have a sibling closer to his age.  I guess we’ll see won’t we.  Look at me!  I haven’t even given birth to my son yet and I’m already talking about having another baby!  One thing at a time.

I’ve been crocheting my heart out lately too!  I’ve found that I don’t like to know how to crochet just one or two things, I want to know how to crochet all the things.  I did open a shop – CroShey, but I haven’t put much in it, because I’ve been crocheting several different things.  I realized that Christmas is coming too and kinda freaked out.  I need to get some Christmas gifts done!  But anyway… I just learned how to crochet a chevron pattern.  And I’m thinking that instead of a crib quilt I’ll be using the blanket I’m currently working on for Mason once he gets old enough to use a blanket… (those are the colors of his room too – we’ll be adding some grey as well)

I’m almost done with the below blanket.  It’s for Angelina.  She specifically asked for mom to crochet her a blanket for Christmas.  I’m happily obliging.  :)

I also made a camera strap cover!  Been awhile since I’ve made one of those.  And this one isn’t sewn.  But it’s the best one I’ve ever made.  I’ll never want another sewn one again!  Sweet, right?  You bet!

And, of course I’ve been busy trying not to forget to move our shelf elves around.  Last weekend while we were at Target Zoe informed my husband that Fisbee (our boy elf on the right) needed a friend.  And since Target had some girl shelf elves she really worked the charm for my husband, which, let’s face it, doesn’t take much.  So now Fisbee has a girlfriend and her name is Snow.  They move around the house together and will likely never be apart again.  haha!   Well, I should go… it’s now 4:30am.  I should attempt to sleep at least.  ;)

Can you believe Christmas is in 11 days?!  Are you traveling somewhere or staying home?


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