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A Mason Birth Story


I won’t go into “gory” details about my son, Mason’s birth, but I figured I would share the birth story with all of you.  Especially considering how utterly delightful it was.  Seriously.  When you imagine going into labor, you imagine pain, pain and more pain.  You see movies and see mothers screaming and cussing out their husbands.  You see complications or scary situations.  But seriously… 99% of the time it’s nothing like tv.

Just because Mason is my 3rd child doesn’t mean I knew exactly what to expect.  Quite the opposite actually.  Each of my children’s births were totally different.  Angelina was induced at 40 weeks.  Zoe was unexpectedly born when I was 30 weeks pregnant.  And Mason came when I was 36 weeks pregnant.  Also, I really never knew for sure that I was in labor.  Call me lucky I guess.  haha!  Anyway…


January 5th we decided to go to Babies R Us to get the rest of the items we needed for Mason’s arrival.  The painter we hired had just finished painting Mason’s room, Angelina’s room and our garage that day, so I was excited to get going on Mason’s room finally!  :)  We went to Babies R Us and picked out a few last minute things, a bath tub, crib bumper, swing, etc.  The night before we picked up the crib mattress, some baby bath towels, wash clothes, and a few other things.

After we went to Babies R Us, we went to the mall for a bit because my husband wanted to check out the RC car store.  He is a kid at heart.  ;)  While walking from the car to the mall, I noticed it was becoming pretty uncomfortable to walk.  Almost painful.  I was having some contractions but mainly just cramping.  I remember my neighbor calling me and I walked out of the store to chat with her for a few minutes.  I told her I was having a few contractions.  But I thought nothing of them really.

Mason3- again

Once my husband got his RC car, we headed to a restaurant for dinner.  I noticed that my contractions/cramps weren’t getting better even when I stopped walking or sat down, so I began timing them.  They were averaging every 4 – 4.5 minutes.  But I was determined to finish dinner with my family.  I remember thinking at one point, if this is our last dinner as a family of 4 I am going to sit here and enjoy it!  So I did.  I timed my contractions, but played tic tac toe with Zoe, laughed and just enjoyed my girls.  I ate some, but wasn’t feeling super good, so I could only eat about half of my dinner.

We finished dinner, and left.  When we got to the car my contractions hadn’t stopped. They weren’t really painful, just uncomfortable, and they were regular.  My husband looked at me and asked me what I thought… should we go to the hospital?  I mulled it over and figured I’d better be safe than sorry.  So I called my mom and told her what was happening.  We drove the 30 minutes to my mom and dad’s and dropped the girls off.  Then Mike and I were headed to the hospital.  I remember the entire way to my parent’s house and to the hospital thinking that maybe I was overreacting.  Maybe we should just turn around and go get the girls then go home.  But decided to just relax and see what my doctor had to say.

My husband and I get to the hospital around 9:45pm.  He leaves in the lobby because he has to park the car in the parking garage, so a nurse pushes me up to labor and delivery triage.  But while I was waiting another pregnant woman was there as well.  Clearly she was in labor and she was in PAIN!  haha!  That’s when more doubt started setting in.  I wasn’t in much pain.  In fact I was laughing and joking while the lady pushed me to L&D triage.  By that time my husband returns from parking the car, then my doctor comes in.  (I had seen her at my last appointment.  She was the one who checked me on the 2nd of January and told me I was 2cm dilated) Anyway.  She checks me and tells me I’m 4-5 cm dilated and my “bag of water” is bulging.  Which she explained basically meant that my water would have broken pretty much before a full day went by.  So… it was time to have a baby!  I was pretty surprised!  So I wasn’t overreacting.  haha!


From there it went pretty fast.  My husband was told he had time to go home and get our bags and to take care of Vlad.  So he did that.  I called my mom and dad.  Told them it was time to have Mason.  Talked to my oldest, Angelina, on the phone and told her.  She cried.  She was so excited.  Zoe didn’t want to talk on the phone, but I was told she was excited too.  My girls have been so excited to meet their baby brother, so them knowing it was happening made their night.  I texted all my friends here and in Arizona.  Then just waited.  Labor & Delivery was so busy it took nearly 2 hours for us to get our room.  My cramping still wasn’t that bad.  But, by the time we got to our room, and my doctor checked me again I was 6cm dilated.

The anesthesiologist came in, and gave me my epidural at 2:30am.  My doctor came in at 3:15am checked me (was 7cm) and broke my water.  Then the nurses began making bets on when Mason would make his arrival.  I tried sleeping but between my husband’s snoring, my overly painful IV and nurses coming and going I didn’t get much.  By 5:00am my contractions weren’t regular anymore and they were only hitting 2 out of 10 on the contraction scale, so my nurse gave me pitocin.  That made the contractions bit stronger, but only a 4/10.  At that point I was feeling some pain.  Enough to bring tears to my eyes.  At 6:15am my nurse checked and I was ready!  I started pushing at 6:25 and Mason was born 5 minutes later.  My husband was great, of course.  He’s a pro at this now.  :)  Literally the EASIEST labor ever.  But no matter how many kids you have, you never get over the first time you see your child.  The first time you see them is when you immediately fall in love with them.  It’s incredible every single time.


All the nurses and my doctor oooh’ed and ahhhh’ed over Mason.  Then a few of them notated how Mason needs a brother.  LOL!  And I’ve surprised myself this time around by thinking how nice it would be to have one more after Mason.  What’s one more, right?  :)  We’ll see!  haha.

Mason came into the world a little premature, but there was no need for neonatologists or the NICU like there was for Zoe.  Thank God.  He was dinky, weighing in at 6lbs 2oz 20 inches long.  We’re truly blessed, happy and loving our son.  Our girls love their new baby brother so much.  They’re always asking to hold him.  It’s very sweet.

I took the above pictures 2 days ago.  13 days old.  This is just a peek.  :)

More soon.



  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting to hear the birth story! Mason is SO handsome…and I love his head full of hair! :)

  2. i LOVE reading birth stories and this one made me tear up just like they all do! he is sooo precious~!! congrats again!!
    Sandy a la Mode

  3. Awwwww!! He is such a cutie!!

  4. Such a wonderful story and precious photos!!! What a blessed mama you are! ♥

  5. Love that last picture! He is adorable!
    I remember thinking they were going to send me home when I went to the hospital to have my fourth. I had been induced with all three before her, so I never knew what it felt like to go into labor naturally. I was sure they’d tell me I was overreacting and send me home! But, I actually got to stay and had her three hours later.
    And I say go for #4! Someone with three kids once told me that they regretted not having a 4th. What a crappy regret to have!

  6. Whar a sweet story and Mason is adorable. Thank you for sharing.

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