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Hey everyone I know it’s been a while I just wanted to stop and say hi. Over the past what? Six weeks it’s been just me enjoying life. I’ve been really soaking up my time with my son and my girls and my husband. I remember when I was 21 and I had Angelina everyone always told me how fast they grow up. You kind of just look at them and think “yeah yeah yeah”, but as the days turned into weeks and the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years it really truly does go by so fast I look back at her and I look back at Zoe and I cannot believe how big they are and how fast time flies! Angelina will be 11 in May. It’s unreal. Next fall or I should say this fall she will be in middle school it’s crazy!
I’m 31 years old, I’ll be 32 in May and I just had my son in January and I can honestly say that I love my life. I mean truly truly love it. As you get older your perspective changes on life – everything changes.
So I remember becoming a mom for the first time, I was 21 years old barely – I turned 21 six days before Angelina was born. I was scared I was newly married I was just so young. Being the age i am now I look back and I know back then I didn’t truly appreciate being a mom at that time. I mean I was so young you know? To be honest, sometimes I wonder if I cheated her because I didn’t appreciate being a mom as much as I do now.
Then four and a half years later I had Zoe, and as most of you know Zoe was born 10 weeks premature and I can honestly tell you that was one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to go through in my life – she was tiny but she was small and a fighter and she was healthy. I think I was more terrified after I had Zoe then I was when I had Angelina just because the doctors almost put the fear of God in you when you have a premature baby trying to keep them healthy and away from people so they don’t get infections or RSV or worse. I truly loved being a mom at that time I know I did I remember back watching them both grow up watching Zoe walk seeing Angelina read and grow and watching them interact with each other and become the best of friends has been amazing. Just because they’re four and a half years apart doesn’t mean anything – their age difference doesn’t matter. They’re so close to each other its really cool to see. I look back and think of my 20’s fondly it was just such a good time in my life, my 20s were so good. But my 30s have so far been so much better and I’m so close to my family and my girls and it’s just awesome!
So I’m in my 30s now and I have a completely new perspective and I think it started when I got pregnant with Mason. We weren’t planning on having any more children, But as soon as I saw my girls with Mason it was like he was just meant to be. He was supposed to be part of our family and I honestly believe that’s why this transition from 2 to 3 has been so easy for us. I know my girls are older but I don’t think it matters what the age difference is, it can still be hard for a new baby coming into the house, but for some reason it just was such an easy transition for us, and I feel blessed it was. In all honesty and truth I would absolutely love to have one more baby in about a year and a half… I don’t know if that’s in the cards for us but I would love to have another one so Mason has a sibling to grow up with. I do know age difference doesn’t matter, but I do also realize that when Mason is 10 Angelina will be 20 and Zoe will be 16 and when he’s 12 Zoe will be 18 and Angelina will be 22 and he’ll be alone after that which I think is difficult. I grew up basically an only child, I do have a brother but he lived with his dad. So we’ll see what happens in the future, but for now I am enjoying every second literally of being a mom to my kids I am enjoying every second literally of watching Mason grow. He’s 12 weeks old I cannot believe it! I’ve been finding that I enjoy family time so much more than I used to. I love watching my kids interact with each other I love watching my husband interact my kids – interact with his new son it’s just so awesome! And I truly truly truly absolutely love my life.
So that’s why I haven’t been around. I’ve been enjoying my world my tiny little world, my little section of this planet. I have been enjoying being a mom, And I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us!!
I hope you’re all well, I hope you’re all Enjoying your awesome lives, I hope you’re all appreciating and loving and hugging and spending lots and lots of time with your kids and your husband.

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But I’ll be back before you know it! ;)



































  1. Thanks for those thoughts. I always love reading your blog. I am pregnant with my 3rd now – my other two are 7 and 5 years old. I think my hubby and I both thought we were “done” but then for some reason we started thinking about another, and just decided to leave it in God’s hands… and one month later I was pregnant! Guess He must have wanted it to happen! It is so much fun to be pregnant now with my kids being a little bit older – my daughters are SO interested in the pregnancy, etc. It will be such a different experience than having a baby when my first one was only 2 years old!
    Anyway, I always love your posts and your honesty. Enjoy your family, and I’ll read your blogs whenever you have time to post!

  2. I love this post and I am so happy for all or you.
    Mason is beautiful.
    You have a wonderful family!

  3. Hey Shey! Congratulations to you for your beautiful family! I just had my 3rd baby 5 weeks ago and things are a little crazy around here. This morning I had a burst of energy to get things done, so here I am looking at your blog.

    My sister-in-law bought a camera strap cover for me a couple of years ago that I absolutely love. It’s so cute. My cousin came over to take pictures of my new baby and she won’t let me pay her, so I wanted to order her a strap cover because she was raving about mine. I know you made the last one because it has your name on it. I can’t get to your shopping website and I was wanting to get it ordered very soon if possible!


    Whitney Dibble

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