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Life In The Slow Lane

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It’s funny how much blogging has taken a back seat in the past year.  I think I’ve blogged… I mean really blogged with words and stuff, maybe a dozen times in a year?  I do know I’m doing pretty good if I get a post up once a month.  hahaha!

How is everyone doing?  I know most of your kids have gotten out of school by now and are starting their summer breaks!  Anything exciting planned for that?  My girls are still in school.  They’re in year round.  June 28th is their last day.  I can’t believe Angelina will be in middle school.  Zoe will be in 2nd grade.  That’s totally nuts, you guys!




Also.  Mason is 5 months old already!!!  In 2 weeks he’ll be 6 months old!  Now that is totally insane.  It’s literally flown by.  I think with every child we’ve had, time has sped up.  I mean, wasn’t Mason just born??  It sure feels that way to me.  He’s getting so big.  Would you believe he’s started to sit up for a couple minutes at a time already?  He started that business almost 3 weeks ago!

He’s army crawled a few times too.  I don’t know where he’s getting the idea that it’s ok to grow up.  Because it’s not!  ;)  Stop it now Mason!  I insist on it!




It’s fun to watch my girls with Mason.  They get tremendously excited when he does anything.  The smallest thing… a smile for instance, makes them giggle like crazy.  When they saw him sitting up they freaked out.  It’s like he’s the coolest entertainment there ever was.  And I’m totally ok with that. LOL.  They insist on watching him so I can shower, cook dinner, clean, etc.  They definitely make it easier, and their enthusiasm is spectacular!



Since Mason was born, I’ve kinda just been taking life slow.  In a way it’s been like driving in the slow lane while everyone around you is speeding on by.  I’ve truly been soaking up each moment.  Whether it’s from afar or amongst the moment.  I’ve been making the extra effort to really observe and to take life as it comes my way.  Maybe it’s weird, but I’m not concerned with the small things.  All those things can wait.  And wait they do!  I get to the vacuuming, the dishes, the laundry, the cleaning… eventually.  But that saying…. “babies don’t keep”… yeah, did you know it’s true?!  ;)  It’s also true for older kids.  Say you have an 11 and 6 year old?  Yeah.  So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to.  Just living and watching and making memories. Taking iPhone pictures.  And Instagraming it all as usual.  Are you on Instagram?  Come follow me!  My username is @shey_b




Mike and I went to New York City last week.  We had a blast!!





My parents watched our kids.  It was the longest I’d been away from Mason since he was born.  I’d only been away from him for 2 hours before that.  LOL!  So I was a nervous wreck, as I’m sure you can imagine.  But it all went so well!  Mason decided to start sleeping through the night for my parents.  Imagine that!  haha!  Before we went on our trip he would normally go down for the night around midnight.  Sometimes a bit earlier.  But he’d only sleep until 3am… maybe 4 if I was lucky.  I don’t believe in letting babies cry themselves to sleep… never have.  I get panicky just thinking about a baby crying for more than a few minutes.  My kids have always ended up becoming so predicable they basically made their own schedule.  Anyway.  The 2nd night he just began sleeping all night.  And he’s continued that since!  He’s also now in his room in his crib.  A little bittersweet.  My tiny boy baby is becoming a big boy.  Far too fast, as I’ve stated.  ;)


I hope Father’s Day was good for everyone.  We celebrated the entire weekend, because Mike had to leave the afternoon of Father’s Day for a business trip.  Of course I had to capture a moment.  A most precious moment of my husband and our kids.  And the picture is complete perfection.  I’ll always look at it fondly because it reminds me of my blessings.  I’m so blessed.  I love this family of mine.  And they’re all smiling and looking at the camera. Awesome!  :)



Anyway.  I think I’ve babbled enough.  I don’t know who reads this still, but I hope you’re all well… whoever you are that reads this.










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  1. Mason is adorable. And yes time does fly BIGTIME…my baby recently turned 19 and YES it was like yesterday she was 10!!! Enjoy!

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