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I must be honest in this post.  I can’t help but be honest and open about this because it really is something that bothers me.  And maybe it’s just me, but again, when I feel the thoughts swirling in my head, sometimes I just need to write them out.

Maybe it’s because I have a baby again and therefore certain things are being thrust in front of me and all but demanding my attention.  Not that it really matters because, as I often chant in my head, “not my baby not my problem”.  But I can’t help but wonder why.


It seems lately that so many mothers (and likely fathers) are so anxious to get their kids “trained and weaned”.  Let me explain because that’s rather vague I think.  And let me start by assuring you all that I do know that everyone is different, everyone has their own opinion, etc.  So, I’m just sharing mine.

Society today seems to be rushing parents along.  And in turn, it’s having parents believe that if you’re not doing it right, your children will grow up lacking.  I seriously hate it.


What am I talking about here?  Sleep training.  Letting babies “cry it out”.  The actual thought of letting a baby cry him/herself to sleep gives me instant anxiety.  I can not imagine letting my baby cry himself to sleep.  Whether you’re checking on them or not is beside the point.  Mason is my 3rd baby.  He’s the 3rd baby I’ve co-slept with.  He’s the 3rd baby I’ve rocked to sleep.  He’s the 3rd baby I’ve held a lot.  He’s the 3rd baby I NEVER let cry too long.  He rarely cries as it is.  Always happy this boy.  haha!  Anyway.  My point is… babies cry for a reason.  And to deny them their parent because you’re afraid they’ll suddenly start doing it nightly is absurd to me.  And those super against the rocking babies to sleep, etc., why?  My 3 kids are AMAZING night sleepers.  Mason sleeps in until 8/9am every morning.  Sometimes later.  Does he occasionally wake up at 3am?  Sure he does.  Do I rush in to him every time he makes a peep?  No I don’t.  As long as he isn’t crying I leave him be, because many times he will fall back to sleep…


I guess my thoughts are so strong about this because I just can’t imagine why I would need to let me son cry himself to sleep.  Letting my son just cry to me is like I’m saying that I have other things to do rather than to cuddle you.  And honestly, I can’t figure out what’s more important than that.  I guess I just know first hand what a crock the cry it out way is.  Especially when people are always arguing that I’m “spoiling my baby”.  If rocking my son to sleep, singing to him, rubbing his hair and cuddling him is spoiling, then so be it.  I will be spoiling him rotten.  If he comes to expect it, then why is that so bad?  What better thing do I have to do that requires me to leave him in his crib crying?  Absolutely nothing.  Babies don’t keep, so what’s the rush?


I know not all will agree with me.  I know a lot of you will probably hate this post, but I’m not sorry for writing it.  I’ve been a mom for over 11 years.  I’ve gone through times where I have a lack of patience.  Times where I want ME time a lot.  Time where I felt like I NEEDED date nights all the time.  Time where I felt I needed girls nights a couple times a month.  And there’s nothing really wrong with those things, honestly.  But at this stage in my life, I am seeing things differently.  Our kids need us.  So why is it (seemingly) not ok to give them what they need?


Have a great day everyone!  :)



  1. yes, yes and yes again! Shey B “gets it” and that’s why I love you!

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