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Back To Basics

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I’ve been blogging for so long.  Since Zoe was a brand new baby!  So it’s been 7 years now.  When I began blogging I did it because I wanted to.  Because I wanted to document my life.  And at the very least have something for my kids to look back on or read along the way.  Somewhere along the way, though I’ve lost the love I once had for blogging.  I’m sure it has something to do with all the blogging I did when I started my business.  All the giveaway blogging I did to help small handmade businesses and let’s call a spade a spade… I did it to gain followers as well.  So somewhere along the way blogging became a popularity contest.  I think once I realized that I began to lose the will to write.  I was no longer writing things I wanted to write about, but writing what everyone else wanted me to write about.  I would ask my readers what they wanted to hear rather than just writing what I wanted to write about.  I would be afraid to blog certain things because somewhere along the line I began to care more about what people would think about my opinion rather than just writing whatever the hell I wanted to because this is MY BLOG.

I was talking with a friend of mine last night and I was basically telling her that I am sick of letting other’s dictate what I write about.  If I truly want to get back into blogging, then I need to go back to the heart of it.  Back to the basic purpose of a blog.  Blogging was an online journal to me in the beginning.  It was a place that I could come and literally write whatever I wanted to write about.  It didn’t matter to me who read my blog, how many followers I had or what anyone thought about my post.  It was about me, my thoughts, my memories, my pictures, my family.

Even now I rarely read people’s blogs.  It’s because I’ve noticed that people aren’t blogging because they feel this dire need to write about their day, or their feelings anymore.  They’re writing what they think that we want to hear.  They’re posting giveaway after giveaway.  Or posting about what other’s are posting about.  It seems that people have lost their reason for blogging and are just doing it for money or popularity.   I was once one of those people too.  Once I got pregnant with Mason I realized that blogging was no longer fun.  And I really didn’t want to do it much anymore.  I still left it up and I still occasionally added to it.

In the conversation I had with my friend last night she and I told each other that we had a desire to begin blogging again.  My desire is to basically go back to how blogging used to be for me.  Just the basics.  No giveaways.  No advertisements.  No promotions.  Just me and my thoughts.  Pictures and memories.  My blog is about to become selfish again, and I am totally ok with that!  I don’t expect comments, I don’t expect new followers.  Because this blog isn’t about that anymore.  And I’ll blog what I want to blog about.  I’m 32 years old.  I mean honestly… why should I care about what others think about what I’m writing?  These are my thoughts.

So here’s to getting back to the basics of blogging!



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  1. Shey,
    This really hit home for me! I have been thinking a lot lately about starting a blog. The reason behind this is really for my children. I think about losing my dad at a young age and wishing I had a letter or something from him to get me through the rough patches (still miss him even after 30 years). I would love to share something that my kids can one day look back on and get a little piece of me!

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