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Sugar Free Birthday Cake


I got mixed reactions when I talked about making Mason’s 1st birthday cake sugar free.  From “Why?” to “Awesome” and everywhere in between.  Some responses were even a tad rude.  Which I thought was weird.

Most everyone on Instagram wanted the recipe, so I figured I’d blog it for you.


Now why sugar free?  Well, my husband and I talked about it for a bit.  He and I agreed that we didn’t want to overload Mason with sugar.  And not just sugar… a whole lot of sugar.  Most cakes call for 1-2 cups of sugar plus 1 cup or more of sugar for the frosting.  Mason has had 2 licks of ice cream his entire life.  And I say licks, but that’s being generous really.  When I read an article about sugar being as addictive as cocaine is when I really had no doubts that choosing the sugar free cake route was definitely the way to go.


Admittedly, my daughters both had sugar loaded cakes for their first birthdays.  And so did I.  And I love sugar.  And I know sugar is additive, that’s why I rarely have dessert or keep sugar loaded crap in my house.  It’s why I get so upset with my mother when my girls tell me how much sugary crap they’ve overloaded on.  My oldest daughter is like a crazy person when she’s had a lot of sugar.  I always know when she’s had too much.  I’m not saying that Mason will never have sugar.  Because I’m positive that he will.  My point is… why do babies need sugar ladened cakes for their 1st birthday?  They haven’t had any, except natural sugars from fruits, their entire first year.  If I knew then what I know now, I certainly would not have given my daughters cake with sugar in it for their 1st birthdays.  I know most who read this have already skipped to the recipe because I’m sure I’m coming off as preachy or something. I’m certainly not intending to come off like that.  This is just my answer to the “why would you feed your baby a sugar free cake” that I got asked a couple times last week.  Really, my response is… Why wouldn’t I?  Or I could answer their question with a question – why WOULD you feed your baby a cake loaded with sugar?  Same type of question.


And as I said… Mason doesn’t know the difference, so why not take advantage of the fact that he’s not had that addictive white substance yet?  ;)  And I’ll tell you one thing… he loved his cake!  And it was a very small just his size cake.  And there was ZERO white sugar in it!  Perfect!


So.  Here’s the recipe!


  • Butter and flour a 9 x 13 inch pan or 2 8 in round pans if you’re doubling the recipe like I did.
  • With electric mixer, beat together 2 / 3 c. mashed banana and 1 / 2 c. softened butter until creamy. Beat in 3 / 4 c. water.
  • In a separate bowl, beat 3 large eggs until very foamy. Then pour the banana mixture in and mix well.
  • In a separate bowl, sift together 2 c. cake flour or whole wheat flour, 2 tsp. baking powder, 1 tsp. baking soda and 1 tsp. cinnamon.
  • Add the dry ingredients to the banana/egg mixture and beat until smooth.
  • Pour batter into your pan(s), and spread evenly.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

I used 2 8 inch round pans and then used a circle cookie cutter (you could also use a biscuit cutter) to cut 2 layers for his cake.


For the frosting …

1 8oz container of cream cheese mixed with desired amount of organic no sugar added applesauce (I made my own), and cinnamon.  I don’t have measurements.  I just mixed it until the taste of cream cheese wasn’t too overwhelming.  But, next time I want to try whipping cream instead and make it like you’d make homemade whipped cream but obviously no sugar added.  Just add in a little applesauce and cinnamon to the whipped cream instead.  I think it’d taste better, but obviously Mason had zero complaints.  We had a small group of people over … I didn’t serve any food. But since I did make too much cake, I actually frosted the left over 8 inch single layer cake and served it.  Everyone enjoyed it … even my girls!  :)


I wanted the cake to have a natural look.  I didn’t want any dyes or sprinkles or anything else unnatural added to the cake.  It may not look perfect, but I didn’t care.  LOL!  Mason didn’t care.  He smashed it and enjoyed it all the same.  And we all enjoyed watching him.

If you do decide to make this cake, make sure and link me in the comments!  I’d love to know how it turned out for you!










  1. Good for you, Shey! Honestly, it’s hard to believe that everything from crackers, to bread, and yes, the goodies all have sugar in them! Although I am definitely beyond the formative years of good eating habits, when I have cut sugar out of my diet in the past, I have felt so much more energetic, less bloated, and just my overall emotions on a day to day were so much better. So, if it’s possible to cook/bake without it, I say go for it ;)

  2. I was looking for an all natural and healthy 1st birthday cake recipe all afternoon and yours was the one I liked. The ingredients were easy to find in the grocery store, my daughter loves apple sauce and bananas … cream cheese will be something new for her. Her 1st birthday is tomorrow. I am sure that she will distroy the cake …. and enjoy it while munching on it. I decided to make this a 5inch round cake and decorate it with raisins, banana cuts, fruits for color…. and made her an owl. Thank you for the recipe! You helped us to keep her and us healthier and happier on her First Birthday.


  3. Thanks for posting this recipe Shey. It’s one out of two recipes that I found for a truly sugarless cake for a babies first birthday. I was almost about to give up and just do a strawberry avocado mouse for his birthday dessert because I couldn’t find a sugarless recipe that was actually sugarless. Then I found this! :) My little guys party is in two days and I’m going to definitely make this for him. He loves bananas and cinnamon. So this is perfect! Thanks again!

  4. We just made this cake for our daughter’s 1st birthday and she loved it!! My husband made the frosting with applesauce and whipped cream instead of cream cheese and it turned out very good. We also put a level of banana and strawberry purée under the frosting and it added a nice amount of natural sweetness. I’m so happy we found this recipe and everyone loved eating it because we made a separate cake, same recipe, for the adults. It was a hit! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m passing along to all my friends with babies who want a sugar free cake that doesn’t taste or feel like a brick. :)

  5. I totally agree about the no sugar needed .. They don’t know what it is and why introduce your child to unnecessary unhealthy foods when there is no need. My daughters birthday is in a couple of weeks and I will be trying this recipe. Thank you

  6. Our daughter is one in a couple of weeks and since Mia’s not had refined sugar in her first year, why does she suddenly need it on her birthday? Your cake looks amazing; healthy, natural and just the way baby likes it – after all it’s a cake for your baby to enjoy, not for a compliment-seeking photo on facebook!

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