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Pom Pom Flowers – a tutorial


Here in Arizona we don’t really have winter.  I mean they call it winter, but it’s not really.  60-80 degrees during the day really is more like spring or fall to everyone else… including me.  ;)  Not that I’m complaining, because, honestly?  While most of the country is bundling up, shoveling snow, scraping ice off their windshields and just basically freezing, us Arizonians are out in short sleeves playing at the park, going for walks and drinking smoothies.  In January.  The point to all of this is that I thought it might be nice to share a tutorial that could brighten up your home during the rest of winter!  Sure, you could go to the store and buy real flowers to brighten things up… and you still can!  But why not add a bright bit of fun to your home that won’t eventually die?  :)  And thus, I give you the pom pom flowers!



Yarn (whatever color you prefer)

Hot Glue

Pom Pom Makers


Floral Wire



This is a seriously easy project.  And you’re going to want to make a million pom poms… so be ready to be obsessed!  haha!


Start by wrapping your yarn around your yarn maker… wrap and wrap and wrap.  Then switch to the other side and wrap and wrap and wrap.  Then fold in the yarn maker and cut in the middle.  (see pictures below)

Processed with Moldiv


Take a spare piece of yarn, wrap and tie the middle of the yarn maker.  Then take apart the yarn maker as shown on the yarn maker packaging.  Once your pom pom has been set free, trim it so it’s all uniform around.

Processed with Moldiv


Now go on and make a billion more…



Once you have the amount of pom poms you’d like, grab your sticks and/or your floral wire, and hot glue gun.


Now, I squirt (I hate that word but there’s no way around it) some hot glue on a piece of spare cardboard, paper towel etc and then dip the end of your stick or floral wire in the hot glue and push it into the pom pom.


Make sure you’re careful so you don’t get hot glue all over the pom pom.  You don’t want to see the hot glue.  And honestly?  THAT IS IT!


Takes literally minutes to make these!  But it’s so worth it, because look how happy they are!  Make extra and send them to a friend, your mom, grandma, aunt… or you can put them on a present to spiff it up!  Endless are the possibilities of the Pom Pom Flower!  :)





I hope this tutorial doesn’t seem silly.  But I just love these!  :D










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