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Weaving Loom – a tutorial


So I’ve been seeing pictures of woven wall hangings all over Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook… I know they’re kinda 80’s, but I love them!  Every year for Christmas I try and find something for my older girls that will make them use the creative side of their minds.  I got Zoe a weaving kit and on Super Bowl Sunday she decided to give it a try.  But she was having such a hard time with it and honestly, I found it a bit complicated too.  So of course that made me turn to the internet and see if I could make homemade weaving loom.  And of course I could.  So, because my husband is amazing and almost always indulges me when I have an idea (haha!!), he went to Home Depot and bought the supplies I needed to make my own weaving loom to help Zoe weave.  Except I haven’t shown Zoe yet… LOL!  I will… I swear.  ;)  Anyway.  So I decided that I would share the how to with all of you incase one of you wants to make one too.  Promise to share if you do, okay?!  Seriously- this tutorial is so easy.  So, let’s get started!



—  1/2″ thick plywood.  Whatever dimension you want.  My husband got me 2’x2′.  But do whatever size you want.  I like the big board because I can make it smaller if I want without having to get more wood.  I will likely get smaller wood sometime, though.  ;)

— finishing nails

— hammer

— ruler

— spray paint (optional)


Start by measuring out and making 1cm marks across the top and bottom of your wood.


Then hammer in your finishing nails.  Make sure you don’t hammer them all the way through, though.  You just want them hammered in enough that they don’t move.  Notice how many marks are on my board… I messed up and had to redo mine.  Make sure you measure accurately.  ;)


Once you’re done hammering, then you can paint it like I did!  Or not.





I’m on a gold kick, so I primed my board and then painted it gold.








And now you’re ready to start weaving!!  How easy was that?!  Here’s how I started my weave…



Seriously love this craft, you guys!  And it’s so easy!  I can’t wait to start doing more complicated designs…



I can’t wait until it’s done and hanging on Brooke’s wall.  :)



I hope this tutorial came across clear and simple!  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to comment and ask!  I’m trying to get a tutorial up weekly, but sometimes life happens.  My kiddos needing me and stuff.  ;)  So, I’ll get them up as often as possible… how’s that?  haha!

Have a great Sunday!









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